Welcome to the City of Grove City!

We proudly serve our residents, businesses, and our farming community. We have parks where our residents and visitors can pause and relax, playgrounds for the children, softball fields for fun and recreation, and our yearly Windmill Days Weekend, which is a weekend long event filled with activities for the whole family. We have a Camp Ground for our RV lovers where you can rent by the night, week or month, a beautiful walking trail for those that like to walk, and summer recreation for the youth.

The City of Grove City’s quality of life is second to none. The community work ethic is strong as residents dedicated to their goals pursue economic and personal satisfaction. With a population of 635, you will find friendly people working hard in a wide range of business and services, ready and willing to provide for your needs.

The City of Grove City is uniquely positioned for economic growth in the coming years. Grove City is a great community to locate a new business or industry, or to expand a current one. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities that might exist for you at 320-857-2322.

City Hall is located at 210 Atlantic Ave W, Grove City, MN 56243.