Grove City, Minnesota

David Martin receives the MPLA Aquatennial Honorary Commadors Award

Welcome to the City of Grove City!
We proudly serve our Business's, Residents and our farming community. We have parks where our Residents and Visitor can pause and relax, Playgrounds for the Childern, Windmill at Grove citySoftball fields for fun and recreation, Augustfest Celebration the 3rd weekend in August.

We have a Camp Ground for our RV lovers where you can rent by the night, week or month. We have a beautiful WalkingTrail for those that like to walk. We aso have Summer recreation for the youth.

The City of Grove City’s quality of life is second to none. The community work ethic is as strong as residents dedicated to their goals pursue economic and personal satisfaction.

At South Grove Square we have 15 Apartments for our Seniors and a C.A.R.E.program that helps our seniors to be able to stay in their own homes longer.

The Grove City Community Center is also available to the community for weddings, reunions and other group gatherings Grove City City Centerplus we have a Library that has a large variety of books, Internet access and network with regional resources and the Grove City Museum. Come and check us out.

The City of Grove City is uniquely positioned for economic growth in the coming years. Grove City is a great community to locate a new business or industry, or to expand a current one. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities that might exist for you at 320-857-2322.

With a population of 635 you will find friendly people working hard in a wide range of business and services, ready and willing to provide for your needs.

Grove City Government

Brad Jans 320-699-1750
Dustin Gaarder 320-699-1749
Lacey Clark - Office 320-857-2322

The City of Grove City is a Statutory city operating under a Council-Clerk form of government. The Council consists of a Mayor and four Council Members. The State Statute provides for the Mayor and Council tohave equal powers; however, it gives the Mayor the authority act as the spokesperson for the community and declare emergencies.

The Mayor serves a 2-year term while Council Members serve 4-year terms. Elections are held in even numbered years, with the Mayor's seat and two Council Member seats open every two years.

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Please contact City Hall if you have an item you wish to present to the council. The deadline is the Friday before the Council meeting.

Your Mayor and City Council Members welcome comments and input from you - the residents and local businesses of Grove City.



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Our Future
To enhance the quality of life within the community by providing services with professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

The 3rd weekend in August is the annual “AugustFest Days.”

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Grove City Summer Recreation Opportunities 2016 (more info)
Sponsored by the City of Grove City

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me @ 320-857-2331 or 320-223-1994. See you this summer!

Lori Pankratz, Summer Recreation Supervisor in Grove City

Fill your summer mornings with some fresh air and new friends. If you have not tried GaGa Ball you are missing out. We would love to introduce new people to this activity. Come join us.

Check out activities and events hosted by the Grove City Public Library throughout the summer too. Don't forget to read over the summer! ! ! 320-857-2550



Augustfest Kids Tractor Pull Augustfest Mud Volleyball
AugustFest "Kids Tractor Pull" and "Mud Volleyball"

ACGC Community Education supports the cultivation of our community cooperation in the phases of social, cultural, spiritual and economic growth with these programs:
  • Early Childhood / Family Education
  • School Readiness - Preschool
  • School Age Child Care
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Youth Development! Service
  • Adult Enrichment Classes
  • Youth Enrichment Classes
  • Recreation
  • Homework Help - all 3 schools
  • Trips

For more information about ACGC Community Education Programs call the Community Education Office at 320-857-2651. The ACGC Website is .

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