October 11, 2021

City of Grove CityRegular Council Meeting Agenda                                   Monday, October 11th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call the Meeting to Order

III. Consent to Agenda

A. Agenda

B. Minutes of the following City Council Meetings:  September 13th, 2021

C. Claims Totaling $275,334.78; August Payroll: $18,749.09

IV. Visitor Recognition and Public Comment

A. Christine Alternhofen

B. Michael Sordahl 

C. Jeff Niendenthal

V. Old Business

A. City wall at Jesse Hudec

B. 4 J’s Trailer Park Assessment

C. Ranulfo Moreno Permit

D. Other

VI. New Business

A. Final Mediation Agreement Reiner vs. Grove City

B. Gambling Permit Application for G.C. Cares LAH Program

C. Small Cities Development Grant

D. Grant Writing Part – Time position

E. Matt Dahl – Vacant Properties

F. Other

VII. Staff Reports & Council  

A. Staff Reports

1. Rescue

2. Fire

3. Sheriff

4. Clerk

5. Public Works

B. Council Reports

1. Mayor Hudec

2. Halterman

3. Evenson

4. McCoy

5. Lokken

VIII. Adjournment 

GROVE CITY REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                                      October 11thth, 2021 @ 7:00PM

MEMBERS PRESENT- Hudec, Halterman, Evenson, McCoy, Lokken           


CONCENT TO AGENDA: Council Member Halterman made a motion to accept the Consent to Agenda. Mayor Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 


Christine Alternhofen- Council Member Halterman made a motion to grant a sewer credit to Christine for the water usage that went in to the dirt floor. Council Member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

Michael Sordahl- Sordahl came to the council to ask if the City would abandon 80 feet of the street that is up into his driveway. Sordahl would keep an easement with the city to the fire hydrant that is there. Council asked for Michael to leave his information with them to discuss further and do further research at a workshop and get back to him.


City wall at Jesse Hudec – Stricken from the agenda

4 J’s Trailer Park Assessments- Ben nor Josh with 4 J’s Trailer Park were present to go over the agreement set forth previously by the council. The trailer court had until October 31st to be cleaned up or 4 J’s would be fined (as previously agreed upon).

Ranulfo Moreno Permit- Moreno came to the council to explain how come he has not finished his wall on his commercial property that he started. Moreno explained that he had enough block to do one more layer of block. The council reminded Moreno that his permit expires at the beginning of November.  The council also discussed with Moreno that he has had multiple years to complete the fence and make it compliant with the City Ordinances. Since the Conditional Use Permit was not followed it is null in void. The council recommended that a new permit will need to be applied for and must be in his wife Martha’s name. The cost of the Permit would be increased to double the normal rate, and if the work could not be completed by November 1st 2021 then Moreno would have until January 1st, 2022 to become compliant with all city ordinances before the city will start issuing Ordinance violations. Moreno 


Final Mediation Agreement Reiner vs. Grove City- Mayor Hudec made a motion to accept the Final Mediated Settlement Agreement and Release of Payment contingent on the signature from Reiner Contracting. Council Member McCoy seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

Gambling Permit Application for Grove City CARES LAH Program- Council Member Halterman made a motion to approve the Gambling permit. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion.  Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

Grant Writing Part-time Position- Mayor Hudec brought to the council some thoughts on having a part-time grant writer for the city. Could be a salary based position, to help a few hours a week or as needed. Council decided further investigation and discussion should be had at a later workshop(s).

Matt Dahl- Approached Council Member Halterman and Mayor Hudec about potentially building a complex on the vacant lots that the city owns for some housing. Dahl was not present at the council meeting to discuss further. 

West Central Sanitation- Taylor Williamson with West Central Sanitation came to present to the council a list of past due accounts in preparation for assessing to property taxes. Council Member McCoy made a motion to accept the list pending any changes that Chris might have. Mayor Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.  

Williamson also brought to the council the proposal for the council to consider West Central Sanitation setting up a meeting in the future to go over new rates and options for the City’s contract with West Central. 


Fire/Rescue: Rescue Chief Thomas came to the council on the behalf of fire and rescue.

Rescue Rig alternators are starting to go bad on the rescue rig. The lights will go bright and dim.  Thomson talked with Atwater Ford about replacing the 2 alternators. 

Thomas asked the council if the locks on the Fire Hall could be replaced with key pads instead of having individual keys. The council asked how many doors and if Thomas had any quotes.  Council stated that the public works department will talk with Torkelson’s Locksmith and look into different options and see what they can do. 

Sheriff: Deputy Swisher presented the monthly sheriff’s report of 57 calls.

Clerk: Kalkbrenner brought fourth that the council emails needed to be updated on the website to the email addresses that were provided with the City ipads.

Public Works: Hiepler brought to the council the pressure tank for the boiler at South Grove needed to be replaced. Shannon had Magnuson Steal come in and give an estimate to replace it. Estimate with labor was $700.00. Council Member McCoy made a motion to have Magnuson Steal to replace the pressure tank at South Grove up to the $700.00. Council Member Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Hiepler also brought fourth that the Silver Shop truck needs tire. When the truck was in for a tune up at Dave’s Repair, Dave had noticed that the tires were going to be needed replacing sooner than later. Dave gave an estimate including mounting and balancing of four 10 ply tires on the Silver Shop Truck for $900.00. Mayor Hudec made a motion to have Dave’s Repair replace the tires on the Silver Stop Truck for up to $900.00. Council Member Halterman seconded the motion.  Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Hiepler asked the council to send him to Transformer School December 15th-17th, cost is $465. Council Member Halterman made a motion to send Austin to Transformer School and pay the $465 for the class, plus lodging, mileage and meal. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Hiepler asked the council if they would consider selling the trailer that has been parked behind the City shop for quite some time. Harvey is interested in purchasing it. Council did discuss that they will have to look at it and will have to put it on an open bid for the public. 

Hiepler brought to the council’s attention that there was a sink hole that presented on Sunset Ridge. Public works believes that it is an old cistern and they filled it in. Will continue to monitor it and add more fill, if needed.  

Hiepler brought to the council’s attention that there was a stray voltage issue out on Hwy 11. Shannon and Austin, along with Mid-Minnesota Electric, went and looked at it. In trying a few different things they also had Star Energy go out and give an estimate and an idea of what they thought the issue might be as well. 

Mayor Hudec: Mayor Hudec bought up the alleys throughout town and getting the grated and leveled well before it freezes.

Halterman: Council Member Halterman asked the Council for permission for Honkey’s to borrow a couple tables from City Hall for Oktoberfest.

Evenson: Council Member Evenson brought to the Council that if we are going to be hard on one person for their property for not following ordinances of the city, then it needs to be for everyone in the city. Evenson also brought forth that some of the City Ordinances should be reviewed and revised. 

Evenson brought forth a separate meter for metering water usage for watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, etc. City Clerk Kalkbrenner added the billing aspect of the process and that a better understanding of how everything worked with utility billing and processing should be brought forth to the council before decisions should be made, as there are quite a few steps to go it just having a temporary outside meter for water.  The council decided that further discussion needed to be had at a later date. 

McCoy: Council member McCoy brought to the council that Aaron with 1st Baptist Church would like to put up a sign similar to the Lions Club sign across from 5th street on Hwy 12. Jason made a motion to allow 1st Baptist Church to put a sign on City property contingent on MNDoT’s approval. Mayor Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Lokken: Council Member Lokken asked about posting the Multi-Hazard Migration Plan Release on the City website as well as the MN Grove City Citizens Facebook Page. The council agreed that it would be a good place to advertise it. 

ADJOURNMENT: Council Member Evenson made a motion to adjourn. Council member Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with all voting in favor.