May 18th 2020

City of Grove City                           

Regular Council Meeting Agenda

Monday, May 18th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.    

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call the Meeting or Order

III. Consent to Agenda

A.  Agenda                                                                          

B.  Minutes of the following City Council Meetings:  April 13th 2020 (2)

C.  Claims Totaling $140,456.88; April Payroll $17,553.13

IV. Visitor Recognition and Public Comment

  1. Jason McCoy

V. Old Business

  1. Infrastructure Improvements Project
  2. Evenson Shed
  3. South Grove
  4. Other                                                                                                          

VI. New Business

  1. Windmill Days/Summer Rec
  2. Other

VII.   Council & Staff Reports

VIII.  Adjournment


MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Halterman, Evenson, Peterka, Hudec ABSENT-None

AGENDA:  Council Member Halterman made a motion to approve the consent to agenda and Council Member Evenson seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Mayor Martin informed the council that they are and would be enforcing social distancing.


 Jason McCoy came to the council meeting to discuss his concerns about the alley behind his house.  The residents in the apartment building behind him park in a way that he isn’t able to move his camper or get thru the alleyway. The council asked that McCoy speak with the apartment building owner, Dale Pautzke. Evenson asked McCoy about his basketball hoop and his van parked on the road beside his house.

Brian Peterka came to the council meeting to discuss whether or not the City would be open to naming a street or addition in memory of Doug Torgerson. The council unanimously showed their support and would consider it when the old football field gets developed. Mayor Martin also asked Brian Peterka about whether or not he would mow around the ponds, which Peterka said he would. Evenson made a motion to have Peterka mow the areas around the ponds, Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried with Hudec, Halterman, Martin, and Evenson voting in favor. Peterka abstained from voting.


INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT: Council member Hudec made a motion to approve Resolution 2020-5, which authorizes litigation against Reiner Contracting. Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

EVENSON SHED: Council member Hudec made a motion to approve Resolution 2020-4, which approves the acquisition of the property located at 117 4th St N from Sheldon Evenson for $22,500. Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with Martin, Hudec, Peterka, and Halterman voting in favor. Evenson abstained.

SOUTH GROVE: Clark informed that Bob King will be moving into one of the available apartments. There will be another opening in apartment 205. This apartment will need new flooring and fresh paint. Clark and Martin will coordinate to get this done. Clark is also still working on filling the newest vacancy. Roering is working on getting a few cracked window panes replaced in 2 different apartments.


WINDMILL DAYS/SUMMER REC: Clark spoke on behalf of the Grove City Windmill Days Committee. At the beginning of May, the committee met to discuss whether or not to hold Windmill Days as scheduled. Due to the current stay at home order and recommended social distancing guidelines, the committee felt it was in the best interest of everyone to postpone the 2020 Grove City Windmill Days. Clark sent letters to all Windmill Day donors asking them to let her know that if they want their donations returned they will be, otherwise they will be held for 2021 and given recognition then. The city council decided that the annual $2,000 donation will not be given this year, and will resume in 2021. Summer Rec has also been cancelled for the 2020 season, and anyone that had previously signed up will be sent refunds.


FIRE: Chief Jans informed the council that they were pursuing a DNR Matching grant for up to $5,000. They would use the grant to purchase some radios if they receive the grant. Jans also informed the council that the tanker truck was acting up. Evenson made a motion to send the tanker truck in for repairs, Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

Chief Thomas informed the council of the procedures and protocols that the rescue squad was following due to covid-19.

Mayor Martin inquired about how the fundraising for the LUCA machine was going; Thomas informed him that they are at $8,407.62 so far, with a goal of $18,000.

SHERIFF: Deputy Swisher stated that there were 28 calls last month. There have been some juvenile issues in town. The park shelter was damaged and the tin on the building was kicked in. Roering and Hiepler were able to fix the tin.

CLERK: Mayor Martin read aloud a letter from MCFOA congratulating Clark on achieving Minnesota Certified Municipal Clerk status. Clark asked the council about late fees, shut off’s and disconnects; council decided to still postpone penalties and discuss it at the June meeting. Clark presented the council with a letter that she had received in response to one of the ordinance violations in the trailer park. Hudec will get in contact with the resident, and Hudec and Evenson will go and visit with him, and hopefully able to resolve the situation.

PUBLIC WORKS: Public Works supervisor Roering informed the council that he had a request from a resident to install a receiver for internet on one of the power poles about ten feet off the ground. Council approved the request. Roering also informed the council that Hiepler had taken his placement test for school. There are two different options that the city can choose for Hiepler’s training. Roering will get more information to the council about the different options and it will be revisited at the June council meeting.

MARTIN: Mayor Martin brought up annexing in 3 different properties into city limits. Martin asked Clark in inquire what the costs would be for annexing in the properties, and whether or not it would be easier to use local attorneys or the city attorney. Clark will look into it. Martin also informed the council that the old football field has been surveyed and marked out.

PETERKA: Council member Peterka brought up his concerns about non-residents using the brush site. After discussion, the brush site will continue on as the same, and if anything needs to change, it will be revisited.

ADJOURNMENT Peterka made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hudec seconded the motion.  Motion carried with all members voting in favor.