May 15th 2019



May 15th, 2019 @1:00pm


  1. Braun Intertec Report
  2. South Grove Doors



May 15th, 2019 @ 1:00 PM              

MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Peterka, Halterman, Hudec and Evenson  ABSENT-None



Heidi Olson and Charles Cadenhead Jr. from Braun Intertec came to the special meeting to discuss their preliminary results from the core samples that the city hired them to test. According to the contract, the Engineering firm had control over core locations and chose to not have any taken in 2017 & 2018. The City hired Braun Intertec to identify and test core samples, and Heidi overseen the crew from Hardrives as they took the core samples.

The wear course according to specs should be 2 inches with a quarter inch allowance, and the base course should be 2 inches thick with a quarter inch allowance. Of the 52 paving lots that were selected, approximately 67 percent were not in compliance with the specifications required.

In regards to their visual evaluation of the pavement, they identified 1,500 square yards that did not meet surface requirements for material segregation, and 1,172 square yards that did not meet surface requirements for final wear adjacent to fixed structures.

The next step will be a special meeting with Bollig Engineering, the City Council and the City’s attorney, which will be held on Wednesday, June 12th at 2 pm.


Andrea from the Grove City CARE office applied for and received $15,000 in grant funding, with another $11,000 in grants pending. The grant funding will be used to install handicap accessible doors by the gym entrance at South Grove.

There were 3 Bids presented for the project. Bid #1 included $15,347.95 from Arrow Glass Doors for the doors, $8,531 from Dale Pautzke, and $186 from Duwaine Buer for a total of $24,064.95. Bid #2 included $15,347.95 from Arrow Glass Doors for the doors and $12,800 from Larsen Drywall for a total of $28,147.95. Bid #3 also came from Larsen Drywall, but included the handicap doors for a total of $23,400.

Hudec made a motion to go with the bid from Arrow Glass Doors, Dale Pautzke, and Duwaine Buer. There was discussion regarding whether or not the city had to go with the lowest bidder, which Clark verified that as long as there is reasoning behind not choosing the lowest bid, they weren’t required to. Peterka seconded the motion. Voting in favor were Hudec, Peterka, and Martin. Evenson and Halterman abstained from voting. Motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT- Council member Peterka made a motion to adjourn the special meeting; council member Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried.