March 11th 2019

City of Grove City                                                   Regular Council Meeting Agenda                                                Monday, March 11th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call the Meeting or Order

III. Consent to Agenda

A.  Agenda                                                                                            

B.  Minutes of the following City Council Meetings:  February 11th, 2019

C.  Claims Totaling $315,662.56; February Payroll $18,306.51

IV. Visitor Recognition and Public Comment

            A. Meeker County HRA

V. Old Business

  1. Bollig/Reiner/Braun Proposal
  2. South Grove Doors
  3. Other                                                                                              

VI. New Business

  1. Cancellation Policy for Renting Gym/Community Center
  2. Lease for mowing Wastewater ponds
  3. Other

VII.   Council & Staff Reports                        

VIII.  Adjournment

GROVE CITY REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                                                                           March 11th, 2019 @ 7:00PM         MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Halterman, Evenson, Peterka, Hudec                                                                               ABSENT-None

AGENDA:  Council Member Peterka made a motion to approve the consent to agenda and Council Member Halterman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


BRAUN PROPOSAL: Clark informed the council that she had spoken to the attorney, and that he suggested we compile a change order to reduce payment to Reiner due to them not completing the coring. Mr. Reiner was not agreeable to that, and would be having Hardrives complete the coring. The council asked Clark to speak to the lawyer again, and the council is an agreement that they do not wish to have Reiner perform the coring, and would still like to have Braun complete their proposal.

South Grove Doors: Andrea Dallman has secured a grant for $10,000 to use towards the expense of installing handicapped accessible doors for the entrance into South Grove by the gyms. ArrowGlass submitted a bid for $15,347.95 for materials and labor to install the doors, and there would be an additional $4,000 estimated in expenses. Hudec made a motion to set aside $2,500 from the South Grove budget to use for the door, Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Cancellation Policy for Renting Gym/Community Center:  Clark asked the council to clarify what their expectations/policies are when customers call cancelling their rental date for the South Grove Gym and the Community Center. The council decided that during the busy months of renting (November and December), customers will need to give a one month cancellation notice in order to not be charged for the full rental fee, and in January through October, customers will need to give a 2 week cancellation notice to not be charged the full rental fee. Circumstances such as bad weather will be considered on a case by case basis. Halterman made a motion to approve this, Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Lease for mowing Wastewater Ponds: Hudec made a motion to approve a 3 year lease to allow Brian Peterka to harvest the grass crop from the wastewater pond area. Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with Peterka abstaining from the vote.


FIRE/RESCUE: Fire and Rescue member Mike Dahl informed the council that they would be hosting a chili feed on March 30 in the fire hall. They asked for permission to put up a snow fence from Honky’s to the fire hall so that people could go back and forth between safely. Hudec made a motion to allow the snow fence, Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried. They are also raffling off a pedal tractor, and need permission from the council because the amount raised will be under the state’s guidelines for gambling. Peterka made a motion to approve the raffle, Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried.

SHERIFF: Deputy Swisher informed the council that there were 28 calls in the month of February. The council asked Swisher to attend the council workshops. The next council workshop will be Tuesday, April 2nd at 1:30 pm.

CLERK: City Clerk Clark informed the council that that they had the local board of appeals and equalization meeting scheduled on April 8th at 9 am. Clark also informed the council that one employee needed to head to Marshall for training on the Interconnection Process. The training is mandatory for all utility companies that have electric. The cost of the training is $300. Due to the training being more related to office and paperwork, Clark was designated to attend the meeting.

Clark informed the council that she has received one application for the South Grove position. Mayor Martin will meet with the applicant. Clark also informed the council that there was an issue with a garage door at South Grove and it was damaged by a resident. The council decided that Clark is to bill the resident, and give the resident a 6 month payment plan to pay for the damages.

The Windmill is almost complete, but has gone almost $4,000 over what was donated to the city. The Lion’s Club had promised $1,000, possibly more and that hasn’t been received yet. Clark said she would reach out to the Lion’s Club.

MAYOR MARTIN: Mayor Martin informed the council that under the recommendation of Steve Moses from Heartland Consumers Power to sign off on a continuing service agreement with NSP. Martin made a motion to continue the agreement for the transmission to the load interconnection service between NSP and the City of Grove City. Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried. Roering clarified that the only change to the agreement is that before we didn’t know who owned the metering and the equipment used to when the power comes into town between Excel and the City. Now, Excel is in charge of it and will be liable for repairs needed.

EVENSON: Evenson informed the council that Gordy Larson had contacted him concerning a 5 ton limit sign posted on Pacific Avenue.  Council decided to leave the sign as is. Evenson will talk to Mr. Larson and inform him come Spring, he needs to abide by the sign and its restrictions.

HUDEC: Council member Hudec asked Roering about the procedure for deciding on when to come in to plow snow. He also wanted to let Roering know that he feels the public works department has done a great job keeping the city streets plowed this winter.

ADJOURNMENT Council member Peterka made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hudec seconded the motion.  Motion carried.