June 21, 2021 Special Meeting

City of Grove City – Special Council Meeting​​​         Monday, June 21th, 2021

MEMBERS PRESENT- Hudec, Halterman, Evenson, Lokken, McCoy


AGENDA: Fence variance for Shawna Skinner/ Deloris Modderman. 

Ms. Skinner expressed installing a white vinyl fence for her back yard for a dog that her grandmother has. There was a complaint that came in via phone with concerns about bringing a Pit bull dog on to the premises. A complaint of barking dogs was reported to the sheriff’s department. Council member Evenson asked about the dimensions of the fence. Ms. Skinner expressed that she believes that the vinyl panels equal a total length of 100 feet. 

Community member Mr. Mike Bredeson was in to voice is concerns about the snow load that would slide off of his garageroof and could potentially slide off and hit Ms. Skinners fence causing damage. As well as the general maintenance on his own fence as she needs to be a little more away from the property line. 

Council member Lokken: expressed that a more detailed drawing with some picture and better dimensions is needed, as well as a better description of how the fence will be laid out and the set size of the fence. 

Council requested that there would have to be a minimum of 24-26 inches from the property line to allow proper distance for maintenance.  As well as, that Ms. Skinner talks with Mr. Bredeson and gets some better idea of a plan of if the fence can be fastened to Mr. Bredeson’s fence or if it should be.