June 10th 2019

City of Grove City  Regular Council Meeting Agenda                                                  Monday, June 10th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call the Meeting or Order

III. Consent to Agenda

A.  Agenda                            

 B.  Minutes of the following City Council Meetings:  May 13th & 15th 2019

C.  Claims Totaling $94,005.83; May Payroll $21,056.00

IV. Visitor Recognition and Public Comment

  1. David Eurle- 2019 Audit
  2. Ardy Johnson
  3. Other

V. Old Business

  1. Bollig
  2. Braun Intertec
  3. Other                                                                                              

VI. New Business

  1. MMUA Delegate Appointment
  2. Billing for Fire Calls
  3. Gambling License for ACGC Booster Club
  4. New Water Meter Reading
  5. Other

VII.   Council & Staff Reports                                     

VIII.  Adjournment

GROVE CITY REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                                                                                                    June 10th, 2019 @ 7:00PM   MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Halterman, Evenson, Peterka, Hudec                                                                         ABSENT-None

AGENDA:  Council member Peterka made a motion to approve the consent to agenda, Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Arlyss Johnson came to the council meeting to discuss her concerns regarding South Grove, and inquired about her rent price due to having the smallest apartment. The council said that they would look into the rent pricing and get back to her.

David Eurle, the city’s auditor, came to the council meeting to discuss the 2018 audit. In regards to the general fund, the revenue and expenses have been relatively stable the past 4 years, and the cash balance has increased each year. In regards to the water fund and sewer fund, the revenue has exceeded the operating expenses. The PFA bond matures in 8 years, and the new USDA bond payments begin in 2019.

In regards to the electric fund, the cash balance has improved significantly in the last two years, with the operating revenue exceeding the expenses for the first time since 2015. In regards to the South Grove fund, the revenue has exceeded the expenses the last 4 years, however wasn’t generating enough to cover the debt service payments. In 2018, the fund generated enough cash to cover ALL expenses and make the bond payment, with a left over cash balance of $1,214. 


MMUA DELEGATE APPOINTMENT:  Council member Peterka made a motion to list Shannon Roering as the MMUA delegate, with alternatives being Zach Blonigan, Lacey Clark, and the Mayor. Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried.

BILLING FOR FIRE CALLS: Rates and instances were discussed as to when and how much to charge for fire calls. Fire chief Jans will discuss it with his department and officers and come back with suggestions for the council.

GAMBLING LICENSE FOR ACGC BOOSTER CLUB: Council member Halterman made a motion to approve the gambling license for the ACGC Booster Club, Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

NEW WATER METER READER: Council member Hudec made a motion to approve purchasing a new meter reader at a cost of $4,000. A tablet and software will also need to be purchased. Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried.


RESCUE: Erica McCann applied for the rescue squad. Background check came back clear. Hudec made a motion to hire McCann, Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried.

FIRE: Jose Larios applied for the fire department. He works in town but resides in Cokato. He is a current member of the Cokato Fire Department. Hudec made a motion to hire Jose Larios for the fire department, Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried.

SHERIFF: There were 40 calls for May 2019. Deputy Swisher was scheduled off for the evening, so another deputy filled in at the meeting.

CLERK: City Clerk Clark informed the council that the city is required to enroll Deputy Clerk Ransom and Public Works Pratt in the City’s Life Insurance Policy due to the average hours they work. Mayor Martin made a motion to offer the $25,000 policy at a cost of $4.25/month for both Pratt and Ransom, Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Clark read an email that she had received from a resident that had rented the gym, citing her concerns over the smells and conditions of the floor. Council instructed Clark to mail back her payment and offer an apology for the floors.  The gym floors had just been redone the week prior and weren’t quite done drying by the time of the rental.

Clark also informed the council about a charge for a water meter that had frozen and broke over the winter. The resident stated that the construction crew from last summer left it a mess. Council decided to reduce the charge for the meter from $100 to $55, feeling that while the construction crew helped cause the situation, the resident also had some responsibility to make sure it was ok for the winter.

Clark informed the council that the Windmill budget was over by $2,857.69. Peterka made a motion for the city to pay the difference, Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Public Works Blonigen told the council that there were concerns about Corinne Nelson’s tree. The branches have extended out so far that it is becoming a traffic concern. They will look into the right of ways, and get back to the council with their findings. There is also a possible issue with Pautzke’s water meter at the apartments. Blonigen told the council they have contacted the meter company, and will hopefully have it resolved soon.

PETERKA: Council member Peterka inquired about ordinance violations. Clark stated that she has been working on them.

HUDEC: Council member Hudec inquired about sewer charges and swimming pools. Clark informed him that the policy has been for the resident to let Clark know that they used how many gallons for their pool, and then Ransom credits back the sewer charges for those gallons.

Expanding the campground was also discussed, and Blonigen, Hudec, and Martin will be looking into that.

ADJOURNMENT Council member Peterka made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Halterman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.