June 14, 2021

City of Grove City – Regular Council Meeting​​​ Monday, June 14th, 2021

MEMBERS PRESENT- Hudec, Halterman, Evenson, Lokken, McCoy


Agenda: Council Member Mike Halterman made a motion to approve the consent to agenda and the minutes from the December 14th, 2020 meeting. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor

Visitor Recognition and Public Comments:

Marcia Garza/ Brent Whitcomb – asked to speak and did not show up on their behalf. 

Mike Sordahl– Property –asked to speak and did not show up to speak on his behalf. 

Jeff Niendenthal presented more information on his proposal on a Small Cafe in Community Center- discussion of further information needed from the legal and State departments. Decision to table until Jeff had further information. Jeff will be in contact with City Office when ready to present to Council again. 

Niendenthal also presented a proposal to the Council about going in on the cost of a new Community Message Board with the Church. Church will contribute $20,000 and asking that the City cover $15,000. Council would like to move forward with further information on the Sign and see if the City has access to any grants to apply to the purchase of a New Community Sign.Council decided to table Niendenthal’s proposal until further information could be provided. 

David Euerle delivered Audit. All is looking well. South Grove will mature in 2021.

Bill Perterka– brought concerns to the councils attention that Grove Lake is low and that he has put rocks in and noticed that someone has taken the rocks out. Bill is asking that the City get some Aggregate. Halterman suggested the Federal Management Preserve with the DNR in Litchfield. 

Mike Bredeson– Concerns about a vinyl fence his neighbor is putting up. Mike was asked to come back and voice his concerns again at the Special Meeting as well on June 21st 2021. 

Sam Anderson– Mayor Hudec made motion to pay Samantha $3600 for summer rec with the stipulation of a contract to be turned in for next year by January/ February. Mayor Hudec amended the motion to approve the donated $600 being paid to Samantha. Council member McCoy seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. Summer Rec-Two checks donated for summer rec for freeze pops, band aids and water. 6 kids enrolled in summer rec and 3 helpers. $2600 to be paid to Sam and $1000 to be paid to helpers. Council member Halterman did ask if left over funds would carry over into next year’s program fund.


INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS PROJECTS: Sheila Krohse came to deliver and update to the council.

SOUTH GROVE GYM: Council member Halterman made a motion to open the Community Center and South Grove Gym to public with no restrictions with the stipulation that the City write up a New Rental Application. Council member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with Evenson, Halterman, Lokken and Hudec in favor and McCoy opposed.

REMINDER OF SEWER CREDIT FOR POOLS ONLY:  Does not include hot tubs, watering lawn, washing houses, vehicles or watering gardens. 

POOL WAIVER- FIRE DEPARTMENT: League of MN Cities does NOT recommend filling pools. Discussion of the people that have filled their pools thus far need to be billed for filling their pool. Personnel department will reach out to the Fire Department to get a list of people that have had their pools filled.  Council member McCoy made a motion to not fill pools with the use of the Fire trucks until further discussion can be had at a workshop. Council member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all in favor. 


CHRIS RANSOMCouncil member Evenson made a motion to increase Chris’s rate of pay per hour from $16.32/hr. to $17/hr. starting June 16th, 2021. Mayor Hudec and Council member Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with all in favor. 

MMUA – Delegate Appointment: Council member McCoy made the motion to adopt the Delegate Appointment. Council member Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried will all in favor. 

MDH Grant Agreement: Council member Evenson made a motion to accept the MDH Grant Agreement. Council member McCoy seconded the motion. Motion carried with all in favor.

RESOLUTION 2021-6: ADDING BAILY TO THE BANK ACCOUNT: Council member Evenson made a motion to accept Resolution 2021-6. Council member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with council members Evenson, McCoy and Lokken in favor. Mayor Hudec and council member Halterman opposed. 

APPA (.Gov Domain at No Cost): Kalkbrenner will look in to what changing hosts all entails. Changing would give a more secure and professional look to the City website. 

SOUTH GROVEUTILITY FEEDS FOR INTERNET AND TV SERVICES: Discussion of how there is electrical work that goes thru windows and walls inappropriately, and how it needs to be fixed. Further information was needed and council decided to table discussion for upcoming workshop. 

DAMAGED RETAINING WALL BY JESSE HUDEC PROPERTY: Council decided to table further discussion for a Workshop allowing more information to be gathered on if the wall needs to be there, and costs to repair it, etc. 

Windmill Days: tabled discussion for Windmill Days for a Workshop. a. Results and Comments b. Increase donations for next year c. Minn-E-Rods — Different location d. Snowmobile Grass Drags II. 


SHERIFF: Deputy Danielson filled in for Deputy Swisher. Deputy Danielson stated there was 52 calls last month. Council member McCoy inquired about Windmill Days. Deputy Danielson stated that it was a pretty good. Mayor Hudec inquired about the Minn-E-Rods if there were any complaints. Deputy Danielson did not have any to report at that time. Deputy Danielson asked the council if they were going to participate in National Night out. Council decided to have it at Windmill Park. Deputy Danielson will get City of Grove City registered.

CLERK: Kalkbrenner MCFOA training June 15th-18th. Kalkbrenner will be setting up Banyon training when she gets back from MCFOA Training. 

PUBLIC WORKSPublic works supervisor Roering asked the council for permission to go to the Waste Water Conference August 24th -26th 2021. Council member Halterman made a motion to send Roering to Training in August. Council member McCoy seconded the motion. Motion passed with all members voting in favor. Roering asked the Council to consider sending Austin to Over Head School Training September 14th -17th in Marshall. Voiced concern about haying job at the ponds, he keeps having the hay blowing on the rocks causing more weeds and Public works having to spray and maintain more. Roering asks the council to consider someone else as the contract is up at the end of the year. Roering brought up concerns of a resident at South Grove that is reaching the point of needing more assistance than what South Grove can allow. 

FIRE HALL KEYS– Roering had more keys made for the Fire Hall. Mayor Hudec did explain that Rescue should have been the only ones that needed keys as there is a lock box for the Fire Fighters to get in to the Fire Hall.  Kalkbrenner made a new Key Sign Out sheet to go with any keys being given out moving forward. 

HALTERMAN: Council member Halterman brought up that there are becoming more and more holes on some of the streets and recommended to Roering that he get some winter patch.  Halterman brought to attention that there is a Voicemail box that has not been set up. 

MCCOY: Council member McCoy brought up concerns about some ceiling tiles at South Grove in the kitchens and if Public Works to replace them, as well as checking out some other concerns at South Grove. 

HUDEC: Mayor Hudec presented some information about Wireless / Broadband Internet, if he is able to reach out more and see if there are further grants and other options for the area of Grove City.  Hudec reached out to Brian in regards to the post in the alley

LOKKEN: Council member Lokken brought to attention about properties that need mowing or are in violation of City Ordinances. Lokken asked that a notice be sent out on Pets at large and the corresponding Ordinance. Lokken asked if she could put a flyer together with a reminder of some Ordinances and other information for the website.  Council talked about adding a Community Reminders page to the website.

ADJOURNMENT: Council member Halterman made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Council member Evenson Seconded the motion. Motion carried will all members voting in favor.