June 12th 2019



June 12th, 2019 @2:00pm


  1. Infrastructure Improvements Project
  2. Braun Intertec Report



MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Hudec, Halterman, Evenson                                                          ABSENT-Peterka


There was a conference call with Braun Intertec. Heidi Olson and Charles Cadenhead Jr., from Braun Intertec gave a brief overview of their report. They tested 52 core lots, and of the 52 lots, about 67 percent were not within the allowable thickness tolerance stated in MnDOT Specification 2360.3.E.1, with over 30 percent of the lots being less than the minimum allowable thickness. They also noted the areas of material segregation and concerns over certain curbs not within specs. Attorney Jay Squires asked Braun questions such as what recommendations as to how to correct these issues and whether or not their results affect the life of the pavement.

Attorney Squires asked Bollig why there was no coring’s done when the first pavement lift was done. Brian Bollig stated there was an onsite observer the entire time they were paving, and he would have into check into the question if the cores were required. Cadenhead Jr stated the specs did indeed call for coring. Squires asked for a copy of the measurements taken by Bollig’s onsite observer.

It was decided that the next step would be to meet with Reiner and his attorney. The city will present the items of concern and corrections the city would like to see happen, and ask how or if they will be corrected.

Clerk Clark asked Brian Bollig how his company was justifying the results of the Braun Report and how this all could have been avoided had the contract been followed. Brian stated he would like to see a summary of the final depth and the analysis done on the cores, and that he wouldn’t be taking a position on her question.

Council member Evenson had a copy of the letter from Bollig assuring him that the condition of his property would be returned to what it was or better, and asked Brian when his property would be fixed as he’s been waiting for over 2 years. Hudec asked Brian why the state aid office had not reviewed the plans.

Attorney Squires will draft a letter to Reiner and request a meeting. Squires informed the council what some of the options that the city has. Halterman shared his thoughts and opinions with Attorney Squires, and shared some of the pictures that he has taken over the course of the last few years of some of the issues and concerns he sees in regards to the pavement.

ADJOURNMENT Halterman made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Evenson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.