July 10th 2019



July 10th, 2019 @10:00am


  1. Infrastructure Improvements Project



July 10th, 2019 @ 10:00 AM MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Peterka, Halterman, Hudec  ABSENT-Evenson



City attorney Jay Squires started off the meeting by referencing the Bollig letter that identifies issues that exist within the project that need to be corrected, and Braun’s report regarding the core samples and pavement conditions. Reiner stated that the paving report isn’t based on the actual conditions because it was decided to pave at the 2 ½ inches on the base course, so the report doesn’t mean much to him at all. Squires stated that the specs call for 2 inches, and asked for the documentation that shows that. Reiner stated that it was a conversation during a monthly meeting. Squires stated that it should have been done through a change order if that was the case. Halterman stated that he attended every meeting and doesn’t recall that conversation.

In regards to the curb, Reiner stated that there are spots where the pavement is higher than the curb, and that it’s the less of two evils due to the condition of the existing curbs. Reiner asked how the council wanted him to correct the curbs; Hudec stated that they weren’t there to tell him how to do it, but to hear how Reiner wants to correct it.  Reiner stated his fix would be to tear all the curbs out that don’t match, but that’s not what the job called for.

In regards to the segregation, Reiner asked if the city wanted to take a monetary deduction or to have him do a seal coat in those spots. No decision was made.

It was discussed to accept the monetary deduction and keep those funds to repair as needed in the future, but that would need to be discussed with Kevin Friesen from Rural Development.

The council decided that they were not comfortable voting on any proposed fixes without more information currently. It was decided that council member Hudec and Peterka would tour the areas of concern with Reiner and discuss possible fixes to bring back to the council.

ADJOURNMENT- Council member Hudec made a motion to adjourn the special meeting; council member Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried.