February 14, 2022

Grove City Regular Council Meeting ​​​​      February 14th 2022 @ 6:30pm

MEMERS PRESENT – HudecHalterman, Evenson and Lokken              ABSENT – McCoy

AGENDA:  Council Member Halterman made a motion to accept the Consent to Agenda. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion passed with all members voting in favor. 


Atwater Cub Scouts Pack 221 – Cub Scouts Oliver Kalkbrenner, Carson Doty and Luke Lawrenson came to ask the council some questions about the council and their positions. Kalkbrenner asked “What is the purpose of the city council?” Council answered together as a ruling body for the town, oversee the finances for utilities, and try and prevent bigger issues from arising. Kalkbrenner also asked Mayor Hudec what his role as mayor is? Mayor Hudec responded that there are many roles for a mayor such as calling meetings, signing checks, answering questions, as well as being the main public face of the council.  Carson asked, “How long have each of you been part of the city council?”  Mayor Hudec responded that he’s been on for 3 years, Council Member Halterman responded with just over 7 years, Council member Evenson responded with 5 years and Council member Lokken expressed she is the newest member with just under a year. 

Alex Maurer – Alex joined a Non-Profit Semi Pro Football team and requested use of the South Grove Gym for practices during inclement weather. Alex proposed Fridays and Saturdays for a few hours and potentially a day during the week, possibly between 6:30pm – 8:30pm. The council asked Alex to get some more information together for Clerk Kalkbrenner. Kalkbrennerasked if this was a plan going forward for each winter. Alex expressed it could be an ongoing venture if it works out. The council expressed to Alex that if the city has the opportunity torent the gym for a full day and make the full revenue that their organization would need to be flexible to change their days of practice. Alex did not see a problem with this. 

Bill Houselog – Bill asked about the issue of garbage and recycling cans being left out on Maple Lane all week long. Houselog expressed that the receptacles and refuse blowing onto the street and neighboring yards has been a big nuisance. Clerk Kalkbrenner expressed that she had sent out letters to residents explaining the ordinances.


Township Meeting – Clerk Kalkbrenner expressed that a letter was sent for the March 2nd Annual Township Meeting. Kalkbrenner explained that moving forward, the Annual Township Meeting will be held in August each year to discuss wants and needs for the following year. This allows for ample time and planning for all involved. Kalkbrenner informed the council that the contracts with the Townships were also up for renewal. Kalkbrenner explained that all Townships were billed for the entire 2021 year. Due to the change in staffing, billing will resume back to twice a year moving forward. 


Liquor License for Wood N Boar – Trevor and Shannon Eckhoff introduced themselves to the council and presented their plans for Wood N Boar to open tentatively in April 2022. Council Member Halterman made a motion to accept the Grove City Liquor License for Wood N Boar. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

2022 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Calendar – Clerk Kalkbrenner presented the council with a calendar of the upcoming dates for 2022. 

Street Sweeping Contract – Clerk Kalkbrenner presented the council with a contract from Minnesota Department of Transportation in regards to Street Sweeping on Truck Highways within Municipalities. After further discussion it was decided that more information needed to be gathered. Mayor Hudec stated he would dig in to this a little more and report back with more information. 

Review Interviews for Cleaning Positions – Clerk Kalkbrennerpresented that Public Works Supervisor Roering and herself conducted interviews and a walk thru of the Community Center and South Grove with two applicants. Clerk Kalkbrennermentioned that both applicants are looking for the same rate of pay and are equally qualified. Kalkbrenner recused herself from any opinion on the decision for either applicant. Council Member Evenson made a motion to hire Ellen Skindelienpending a clean background check at $18 per hour. Council member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

SHERIFF – Clerk Kalkbrenner informed the council that she talked with Josh at the management company Vansbanburgen. Kalkbrenner expressed they are working constantly to get the calls resolved and should have a better update after March. 

CLERK – Clerk Kalkbrenner asked the council to attend the Safety and Loss Control Workshop April 19th in St. Cloud. Cost is $20 plus mileage. Council Member Halterman made a motion to send Kalkbrenner to Safety and Loss Control Workshop. Council Member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Clerk Kalkbrenner asked the council to get access to the Clerks Foundational Program (Member Learn). Council Member Halterman made a motion to allow Kalkbrenner to purchase Clerks Foundational Program for $55. Council Member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

Clerk Kalkbrenner asked the council to attend the MCFOA conference March 22-25th 2022. Cost is $375 plus hotel and mileage. Mayor Hudec made a motion to send Kalkbrenner to MCFOA Conference, covering cost, mileage, and hotel. Council Member Lokken seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Clerk Kalkbrenner brought forth to the council that currently she purchases three different types of paper towels for the city facilities. Kalkbrenner suggested the purchase of six new automatic paper towel dispensers ($83.96 each) to make all the paper towels compatible with one type of paper towel instead of three. Mayor Hudec made a motion to purchase new paper towel dispensers up to $505.00 for the city facilities. Council Member Halterman seconded the motion. Halterman also mentioned sending a letter to our Gambling coordinator Ronald Mortenson to ask if they would be willing to donate as well. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Kalkbrenner brought forth reserving campground spots at the campground. The council discussed adding that a deposit be required and a two-week minimum for a refund.  

Kalkbrenner brought to the council that the public works department met with Paul with Safety and they discussed that we do not have appropriate FR clothing for Austin and Shannon. Mayor Hudec expressed that they could have 3 sets and keep 2 at the shop and 1 at home for emergency calls. Council Member Halterman asked Austin to put a cost together and come back to the next meeting for further discussion. 

Kalkbrenner expressed that the utility department should also have steel toe boots and asked to add a boot allowance for the utility department. Council asked about Kevlar boots, chaps, face shields and other safety gear for running chainsaws.  Council tabled for now and asked for more information.

PUBLIC WORKS – Hiepler asked the council to send Public Works Supervisor Roering to Water School Workshop to count toward his 1000 hours of training for his Water License. It is March 1st-3rd for $250. Council Member Halterman made a motion to send to Roering to Water School. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor. 

Mayor Hudec – Mayor Hudec brought forth that he was approached by Andrea Dallmann about being paid for some of the grant writing that she had been doing. As stated in the previous meeting, it was discussed that the city was not going to be hiring a grant writer. Council Member Halterman stated that if Andrea finds grants that would be good for the city, she could bring them to the city and give us some information on them before submitting. Kalkbrenner expressed that there needs to be proper procedures followed for any grants. The council agreed that all grants need to be approved by the council before applying for them so everyone can be kept informed. Kalkbrenner expressed concern about the city’s Tax ID #s being put on applications that are not communicated with the city and herself in case problems arise that would land on her.   

Halterman – Council Member Halterman asked if there was an update from the trailer court yet. Kalkbrenner expressed that she talked with one of the owners, expressing that the council would really appreciate an update on what is happening.  

Evenson – Council Member Evenson inquired about the Grove City Clean Up Day that was brought up in the fall. He requested we get that on the March agenda to finalize some things moving forward. 

McCoy – Kalkbrenner spoke on behalf of Council Member McCoy regarding items that McCoy had brought to her earlier. Kalkbrenner stated that McCoy would like to set up a workshop to discuss some of the issues that we have tabled. A workshop was set up for March 14th, 2022, at 3pm.

Lokken – Council Member Lokken asked to have the meeting agenda to her by the Thursday prior to the meeting for posting on the city website. She would like to post the meeting minutes a week after they are approved by the council. 

Council Member Lokken also brought forward the question of parking on yards during the winter. Council discussed that the same ordinances that apply in the rest of the year also apply in the winter. No parking on yards, only on a paved driveway, or pad. 

ADJOURNMENT: Council Member Halterman made a motion to adjourn. Council Member Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.