Important Reminders

The City would like to remind everyone of city ordinances, making sure all ordinances are being followed. Please keep your property mowed and in neat condition. Your neighbors appreciate it!

Pets – It is unlawful for dogs and cats to run at large. According to the City Ordinance, “A person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog or cat which runs at large shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Dogs and cats on a leash and accompanied by a responsible person or accompanied by and under the control and direction of a responsible person, so as to be effectively restrained by command as by leash, shall be permitted in streets or on public land unless the city has posted an area with signs reading Dogs or Cats Prohibited.” A pet license is required for your cats and dogs and can be purchased at the City Office. Bring in your pet vaccination papers. There is a $10.00 fee for a lifetime license per animal. You run the risk of your pet being impounded without a proper license and you are responsible for all impound charges. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet when it is not on your property.

Vehicles – According to City Ordinance you are not allowed to have more than 4 vehicles per residence. Any junk vehicles need to be in a garage or under a tarp and not parked in the yard. All uncovered vehicles need to be current in their registration and operable. Any vehicle parked in the front yard must be on a paved/gravel driveway. Citations will be issued.

Weed Ordinance – Please keep your yard mowed. It is against City Ordinance to allow your grass and/or weeds to exceed a height of 6 inches. Yards that are in violation of the weed ordinance will be mowed by the city and residents will be charged $100 per mowing. When mowing, do not mow clippings onto the street.

Nuisance Parking and Storage – The outside parking and storage on residentially zoned property of large numbers of vehicles and vehicles, materials, supplies or equipment not customarily used for residential purposes violates City Ordinance. Accumulations of refuse/debris, household appliances, machinery, etc. are considered a public nuisance and needs to be removed.

Building Permits – are REQUIRED before starting your project(s). Permits are required for additions, garages, shingling, windows, doors, siding, fences, furnace/water heater change out, etc. Pick up permit(s) at the City Clerk’s Office. If you are not sure if you need a building permit or for more information, please call the City Clerk’s Office at 320-857-2322.

Golf Carts – Per City Ordinance, you need a permit before driving on city streets. Permits are free, however, they need to be reissued annually. Stop and fill yours out today! Remember to bring in proof of insurance.

Brush Site – the brush site is open to CITY residents only for disposal of brush, leaves and grass clippings. Please keep grass clippings and leaves separate from bush and branches. The burning of leaves and grass clippings in city limits is prohibited. No lumber or garbage is allowed!

For more information on city ordinances, please view the Ordinances page on the city website.