August 12th 2019

City of Grove City                                         Regular Council Meeting Agenda                      Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call the Meeting or Order

III. Consent to Agenda

A.  Agenda                       

B.  Minutes of the following City Council Meetings:  July 8th & July 10th, 2019

C.  Claims Totaling $186,777.13; July Payroll $21,362.39

IV. Visitor Recognition and Public Comment

  1. Kyle Kalkbrenner

V. Old Business

  1. Garrett Rausch
  2. South Grove Cameras
  3. Campground
  4. Infrastructure Improvements Project
  5. Other                                                                                              

VI. New Business

  1. Agreement between Grove City & United Community Action Partnership
  2. Wellhead Protection Plan
  3. Other

VII.   Council & Staff Reports

A.  Staff Reports          

B.Council Reports                                                                             

VIII.  Adjournment

GROVE CITY REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                                                                                           August 12th, 2019 @ 7:00PM       MEMBERS PRESENT- Martin, Halterman, Evenson, Peterka, Hudec                                                                         ABSENT-None

AGENDA:  Council member Halterman made a motion to approve the consent to agenda and the minutes from the July 8th and 10th council meetings, Evenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with all council members voting in favor.


GARRETT RAUSCH: Public Works Blonigan informed the council that they discovered Mr. Rausch’s tile was crushed. They used the camera to investigate the pipe, and weren’t able to get a quarter of the way through. Mayor Martin discussed that it was more than likely crushed during construction, and the city will be discussing this issue with Bollig Engineering and Reiner Construction.

SOUTH GROVE CAMERAS: Council member Hudec had received a quote from AT&T for $7,500. He also went online and found a camera system for $1,700 and he estimated it would cost about $1,000 for labor and installation. Council member Peterka was going to approach the CARE Office and see if they would be willing to help with the cost of a security camera system. It was decided to table the issue until the next monthly council meeting.

CAMPGROUND: Mayor Martin spoke to the Grove City Lions Club President Jeff Niedenthal in regards to the possible removal of the horse shoe courts in the campground. Niedenthal stated that they were ok with the city removing the courts, with the stipulation that if the Lions ever wanted to replace the courts, they could do so in Windmill Park with the city’s blessing. Public Works received a quote from Greg Schilling for $5,000 to fill the horseshoe pits with concrete, and add two concrete pads. It was decided to start the permit process to add an additional 4 campground sites. Hudec will work with Public Works to come up with a blueprint of the proposed campsites and start the application with the State.

INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT: In regards to the wastewater ponds project, per city attorney Squires, the city should pay Reiner for the last pay request submitted for the ponds project, withholding $10,000 until the ponds have gone through the final walk through. Hudec made a motion to approve the last pay request from Reiner, minus $10,000. Peterka seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

In regards to the Infrastructure Improvements Project, City Clerk Clark had contacted Bolton & Menk Engineering and met with Sheila Krohse per council request. The council decided it was in the city’s best interest to hold a special council meeting with Sheila on Tuesday, August 20th at 2 pm.


UNITED COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP:  Council member Peterka made a motion to approve the agreement between the City of Grove City and the United Community Action Partnership. Evenson seconded the motion, motion carried with all members voting in favor.

WELLHEAD PROTECTION PLAN: Council member Evenson made a motion to approve part 1 of Grove City’s Wellhead Protection Plan. Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.


FIRE: Chief Jans informed the council that after he attended his chief’s meeting, his recommendation is to not charge for fire calls. Jans also gave the council options on what the city and fire department could do when it comes time to purchase new trucks and equipment.

SHERIFF: There were 32 calls for July, 2019. Deputy Swisher wanted to thank Carlson Meats, Schmidty’s, Bernick’s, Old Dutch, and Viking Coke for all of their support and donations to help make National Night Out such a success.

CLERK: City Clerk Clark informed the council that the training she was planning on attending wasn’t going to work out due to Deputy Clerk Ransom needing the day off. The council told Clark to close the office for the day on August 22nd so she could attend the regional training session in Madison. Clark also informed her that Meeker County is putting a leadership program called Meeker in Motion. It is one Wednesday a month for 9 months, and tuition cost $450. Martin made a motion to send Clark to Meeker in Motion, Hudec seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

PUBLIC WORKS: Public Works Blonigen informed the council that he got his training switched over to North West College. Blonigan also told the council that the tractor needed 2 new front tires. Evenson made a motion to purchase 2 new tires, Halterman seconded the motion. Motion carried with all members voting in favor.

MARTIN: Mayor Martin asked the council what their thoughts are in regards to selling the football field. It was decided to postpone the issue until the next workshop, where Martin will come back with more information. Martin also requested that Public Works gets quotes from 201 Building Supply to finish repairing the shelter at the Windmill Park.

PETERKA: Council member Peterka would like it mentioned in the minutes that the council has noticed and grateful of the clean-up efforts by the city’s residents. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated. Peterka also asked Clark to look into purchasing diaper changing stations in the bathrooms at City Hall.

ADJOURNMENT Council member Evenson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hudec seconded the motion.  Motion carried.