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Historical Society Newsletter 9-2014


The Grove City Area Historical Society was organized in 1989. The Society was incorporated in 2001 and also received tax exempt status the same year. The organization was formed for the purpose of collecting and preserving the historical knowledge of the formation of the area. The area is the town of Grove City and the surrounding townships.

A museum was opened in August, 2000. We have many artifacts and information in the museum depicting the life when this area was settled. The first house built in Grove City was built in 1869 by Olaf Levander, one of the early settlers. The railroad was built through town in 1870. The first business, a general store and a post office, moved from north of Grove City, into the Levander home. With the railroad, the town began to grow.

In the early 1900's the town had four groceries, two hardware stores, two hotels, a shoe store, a harness shop, a millenary shop, bakery, four grain elevators, two lumber yards, a doctor's office, a creamery, five saloons, a pool hall, a barrel factory, a feed mill, two bulk oil stations, four filling stations, two garages, a drug store, three restaurants, a confectionery store, two blacksmiths shops, a wagon-making shop, two banks, and a telephone office.

We hope for more visitors to come to the museum. Because we are a small group the museum is open by appointments only. Call Dorothy Lindstrom for an appointment and we will open the museum. Phone: 320-857-9422 or e-mail 2lindstromd@embarqmail.com. Society meetings are held in the museum at 1 PM the 4th Thursday of the month except November and December or if the weather does not permit. Everyone is welcome.

Current officers are:

  • Dorothy Lindstrom: President/Treasurer
  • Dorothy Abitz: Vice President,
  • Ronald Drange: Secretary
  • 3 active Board Members.

Membership Dues:

  • $10.00 single
  • $15.00 for a couple

We encourage anyone to become a member.

For further information or an appointment Call Dorothy Lindstrom (320-857-9422) at the above phone number or her e-mail address 2lindstromd@embarqmail.com. We will be happy to open the museum for one person or large groups.


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